Here is just a quick rant about the importance of planning your project to the nth degree before you start tearing down walls…

I can’t tell you how many projects I have been called in on to “fix” after they have already started and gotten out of order. I always like to have my proverbial ‘ducks’ in a row before I pull the trigger and invade someone’s personal space. Nobody wants their project to linger longer than it has to, especially with the Hollywood promise of overnight whole house remodels, and starting before you are prepared is a sure fire way of dragging things out.

One of the many ways I help my clients and designers prepare is to create scale renderings of the rooms we are going to recreate. This allows me to ask the right questions and address every part of the space. Renderings are also very handy for furniture, artwork, and decor placement planning. Most people can better grasp a design concept if it is laid out in picture form and, occasionally, an elevation detailing cabinetry or spacial relations of the wall components is needed to not only conceptualize, but to plan for the best flow of the architectural and design elements of the project.

new country home 1

I also encourage my clients to delay the desire to start ‘tomorrow’ for the wisdom of planning ahead. If all the materials are ordered and already on site before the project begins it is less likely that there will be any delays because of missing product. As a project manager, ample preparation makes my job much easier when it comes to coordinating multiple contractors and scheduling to avoid overlaps (and upset workers).

kitchen panoramic web


Designed by Sharon Miller of Calming Spaces Interiors

Bottom line, I strive to give my clients a realistic representation of not only the cost and length of a project, but also the amount of time that is required for the adequate preparation, planning and scheduling that keeps everyone happy and excited about the finish line ahead.


-end rant

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