When it comes to rebuilding peoples homes, always expect the unexpected. Contractors (even the best ones like us!) don’t have x-ray vision. In this case, when we stripped the walls down to studs, we found our clients were not the only inhabitants of this house…They had termites. Yes, termites, the bane of any project’s timeline. In this case the best we could do was to inform the client what their options were and that yes, this definitely will push back the timetable. Disappointment overshadows any news like this no matter the delivery, and it was our job to keep everyone focused on the endgame. To the client: This will still be an amazing bathroom!, to the subcontractors: Sorry, but we have to reschedule everything!, and lastly, to ourselves: Stop beating yourself up, there was no way to know!

Continuing on, we realigned our team with the new timetable, and got the client excited again about the finished results. When it was all said and done, the nightmare termites were a distant memory, fading against the shores of this beautiful new bathroom.

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Check out this custom Walnut cabinetry!







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