Enduring grueling circumstances. Overcoming a devastating mold infestation, insurance battles, and city permitting delays. How having the right project manager can help you stay calm and get thru it all. Bringing the heart of this home back to life…


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We knew it was trouble walking into it, and we were upfront with the client about the probable delays.  Rather than selling a dream we chose to sell the reality. The painstaking, time taking, kitchen making reality, that yes this will be a can of worms, however…It can be done, and we can do it, and it will look absolutely amazing.  Like any child born, the labor is soon forgotten in the after bliss. In this case, sure it’s nothing so perfect as a wonderful baby, but to us, it was pretty darn close! By the time we snapped these after pictures we had forgotten about the mold inspectors, and the permit delays. All that was left was a promise fulfilled. A kitchen the client could be proud of. 

and after…

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