Magnetic Paint + Polymagnets + Pinterest = hours of creative fun

Oh my!, what a black hole Pinterest is when it comes to decorating ideas. And by ‘black hole’ I mean ‘treasure trove of awesomeness that will eat up a whole day before you realize it’! Now that I have found these great Polymagnets that actually hold weight, I am thinking of painting my entire house with magnetic paint; including the doors! Imagine the possibilities… Front door monograms, holiday decor, event signs, address numbers, etc.; your wood doors could hold metallic potential.

Here are some ideas that I have pinned for decorating and getting organized. Some already make use of magnets, and some you can imagine would be super cool if done with magnetic paint and Polymagnets.

My favorites are the creative uses of paint and magnets in the kids rooms, especially the road painted with magnetic paint and the toy cars with magnets attached. As a new mom, I am beginning to imagine the possibilities for my own baby as she grows and her interests change. With all her walls painted with magnetic paint we could change out the artwork and picture frames, set up creative learning centers with large wooden alphabets, organize dress up jewelry and hair accessories, display awards, and even create temporary forts or canopies.

Here is a boy’s bedroom that we painted with magnetic paint. Check out the cool ideas he came up with to make his room more fun and functional:

These Polymagnets can be used on the backs of picture frames, your child’s artwork, alarm clocks, and so much more. And the greatest thing is that there won’t be any nail holes to fill when you decide to change it up. Your space can change as often as you are inspired. Let your imagination run wild and share with me your moments of creative genius.

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