The 70’s called…

This was one of my favorite design challenges that involved a platform covering half the bedroom space, a bathroom vanity area open to the bedroom, and some wall to wall mirrors that had to go! The home owner didn’t want the added expense of removing the platform/riser and reworking the floors, so we incorporated it into the design.

IMG952012091995105330 IMG952012091995105137

We utilized IKEA floating shelves turned on their sides to create a dividing wall, leaving gaps to insure it didn’t feel too weighty in the space. This gave us the perfect division of sleeping and dressing areas, and allowed us to mount a television on one side, while creating a focal point for art as you enter the room.

Causey_BedroomRemodel_01 Causey_BedroomRemodel_03  Causey_BedroomRemodel_10

A couple of IKEA wardrobe doors mounted on a sliding closet door track tuck away behind a third door to give privacy to the bathroom vanity area. Even their old dresser feels right at home in the new space with just some updated hardware.

The wood paneling was painted to create a nice wainscotting and the mirrors were removed to allow for some custom photoshopped artwork in IKEA frames. The grid of pictures is a great feature for the seating area we created.

IMG952012091995105219 Causey_BedroomRemodel_02

Decorative accents, drapery, and (quality) faux plants add color and life into the room, drawing your eye from the floor to the blue ceiling above.

Causey_BedroomRemodel_15 Causey_BedroomRemodel_14

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