Monthly Archives: December 2014

December 20

Using Magnets to Hang Pictures and Decor

Here’s another short video I filmed about the magnets that actually hold to magnetic paint. I found these Polymagnets a while back and now I try to find new and creative ways to use them every chance I get. Think of the possibilities. Advertisements

December 08

Magnetic Paint + Polymagnets + Pinterest = hours of creative fun

Oh my!, what a black hole Pinterest is when it comes to decorating ideas. And by ‘black hole’ I mean ‘treasure trove of awesomeness that will eat up a whole day before you realize it’! Now that I have found these great Polymagnets that actually hold weight, I am thinking of painting my entire house with […]

December 05

Magnetic Paint How To

I have been testing different magnetic paints to find what products, or combinations of products, work the best for different applications, and I’d like to share some tips. Magnetic paint is essentially iron filings in a paint primer and it’s been around for a long time. The idea behind it is that you can use […]

December 03

The 70’s called…

This was one of my favorite design challenges that involved a platform covering half the bedroom space, a bathroom vanity area open to the bedroom, and some wall to wall mirrors that had to go! The home owner didn’t want the added expense of removing the platform/riser and reworking the floors, so we incorporated it […]